Your Latest Gift Guide: Shopping for a Soon-To-Be Mother This Festive Season

While you could get a pregnant woman a maternity Christmas jumper, the truth is that they would probably appreciate something more practical or suited to their tastes. For example, they might like a new dress or coat from an online fashion store like Blaiz. Or they would like a new book to read this winter. Either way, there are plenty of ideas for fashion and luxury gifts that you can buy for a soon-to-be mum. 

1. A Hospital Kit

Often, most soon-to-be mothers want practical gifts that will help them while they’re pregnant, when they give birth, and post-partum. Therefore, a hospital kit is one of the best gifts you can give a pregnant woman. These kits come in different varieties, but their main purpose is to supply the mother with everything she needs for her hospital stay once she’s given birth. A hospital kit includes fresh socks, a neck pillow, a fresh toothbrush and toothpaste, some snacks, stretchy underwear, and everything else a new mother could need at the hospital. 

2. A Maternity Pillow

Next up is a maternity pillow. Everyone knows, even if you haven’t been pregnant before, that it is an incredibly uncomfortable experience, especially towards the end, because you are carrying a human around in your own body. Pregnant women often end up feeling uncomfortable, and there’s not a lot they can do about it. That’s why a maternity pillow is a perfect gift. It offers the physical support a pregnant woman needs and provides comfort, especially to her back, neck and hips. 

3. A Diaper Bag Backpack

Another practical gift is a diaper bag backpack. It is easy to find a great diaper bag that is spacious, stylish, and practical. In addition, some diaper bags have USB ports, so parents can charge their phones while on the go with their baby. 

4. A Self-care Basket

There are a lot of practical gifts that you can give to a soon-to-be mum, but sometimes it’s best to provide her with a gift that’s just for her. Pregnancy is a lot of work, and it’s tiring and uncomfortable, and sometimes mums just need to be treated. That’s why another great gift for a soon-to-be mum is a self-care basket that is filled with all of her favourite things. You can either buy one that is already made or make your basket. You can fill it with bath salts, body oil, moisturiser, hand cream, a face mask, and her favourite treats so this mum can have a spa day and practice self-care from the comfort of her own home!

5. Clothes

Finally, another gift that isn’t as practical and is more to make the soon-to-be mum feel special. When pregnant, it can be hard to find time for yourself, whether it be to have a coffee, go shopping, or read a book. And often, when you’re pregnant, you often don’t have time to buy new clothes or stylish maternity clothes. Therefore, why not gift the soon-to-be mother a fashionable item of clothing that you know she would love and would make her feel beautiful? It could be a maternity wrap dress, a new romper, some comfy pants, or a fresh winter coat.

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