Worker Institute study documents risks faced by NYS nail salon workers

Critical conclusions of a new Worker Institute report mapping the low wages and inadequate working disorders of New York state’s nail salon industry employees will be introduced currently at a New York Metropolis rally calling for passage of the Nail Salon Bare minimum Benchmarks Council Act.

Professor Risa Lieberwitz, Employee Institute academic director, claimed, “This report reveals the severe realities of the doing the job circumstances for nail salon staff. As importantly, the recommendations in the report – together with elevating specifications via a sectoral solution – are aimed at strengthening doing work conditions in approaches that suit the nature of the nail salon business.”

New York stands out nationwide for possessing the optimum focus of nail professionals, and for nail salon services prices that are significantly lessen than the national regular, according to the authors, Zoë West, Employee Institute affiliate researcher Russell Weaver, ILR Buffalo Co-Lab analysis director, and KC Wagner, director of Workplace Challenges.

Unvarnished: Precarity and Very poor Doing work Conditions for Nail Salon Workers in New York Point out” is dependent on an analysis of government knowledge on the sector focus teams with nail salon staff performed in 4 languages and a statewide survey of nail salons. The report examines point out bills that followed 2015 employee advocacy and investigative reporting that put a highlight on the nail industry and phone calls awareness to the job of worker arranging and advocacy in driving industry change, recommending that entry to education and awareness of workers’ rights surface to make workers experience a lot more empowered to speak out.

Stephanie Olszewski is the communications director of the Worker Institute.