WhatsApp may soon let you dictate messages through a pair of smart glasses

A niche feature for Ray-Ban Tales entrepreneurs

Ever preferred to talk to a pair of good eyeglasses to deliver a WhatsApp information with no even touching your phone? That aspect may soon turn into a fact, according to a new APK teardown of the WhatsApp for Android application. It appears to be a particular aspect for Fb Assistant, and it’s going to be locked to Ray-Ban Tales clever glasses.

Spotted in the most recent WhatsApp beta (by using XDA Developers) consumers have identified strings of info that suggest a feature is staying worked on to dictate messages by means of Fb Assistant on the distinct wearable line. The information just suggests Assistant, but that likely implies Facebook Assistant rather than Google’s company of the same title.


It’s considered this forthcoming aspect would enable Ray-Ban Stories entrepreneurs to dictate messages into the microphone on the smart eyeglasses. It would enable you to instruct Fb Assistant to information a friend on WhatsApp, so you could do this although going for walks down the avenue devoid of even touching your cell phone. Along with the strings of code, the teardown has also observed graphics that involve the sensible eyeglasses and the WhatsApp brand.

This is a pretty unique use circumstance as Ray-Ban Stories have not revolutionized the wearables market. It does make feeling that Meta would like to preserve some of its WhatsApp attributes in-house though, and will be utilizing Fb Assistant to integrate relatively than 3rd-celebration services. As at any time, APK teardowns aren’t confirmed to be accurate. This function is spotted inside the latest beta, but there’s no certainty that it will ever make its way to WhatsApp in a future launch.

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