There are many benefits to mobile massage therapy

How To Get The Benefits of a Mobile Massage at Home | Blys

Sooner or later, life gets busy! However. With the stress of making ends meet, running a household, keeping your family together, and occasionally having fun, it is easy to forget about yourself, your wellness, and your overall well-being. Let’s put ourselves first once in a while. Does this sound familiar?

As a first line of defense, why choose massage therapy?

Those who live in luxury or who are members of luxury luncheon clubs are not the only ones who benefit from massage therapy. Having a GP is less important than having Mobile massage Therapy. It should be mandatory for every active person over the age of 12 until they are 110 years old.

What makes you ask? Well, when you go to the doctor, you’ve already made your own diagnosis at home based on the Internet, home remedy books, or advice from a friend. Going to your doctor is only necessary if you need a prescription for western medicine or pharmaceutical drugs you can’t get over-the-counter. Most of the time, your GP is merely a glorified administration person who can push paper through, write prescriptions or refer you to a round of specialists that leave you wandering around “in pain” in search of answers that don’t always make sense and don’t feel right leaving you even more miserable.


Rather than listening to your brain, why not listen to your body?

Listen to your heart, your mind and your inner soul (gut instinct or intuition) and it will tell you what you need. As well as the ability to heal yourself, the answers are within you. Make sure you are not putting any more poisonous substances into your body than what you are already getting from the food you eat, the air that you breathe and the stress you experience every day.

Mobile massage therapy has seven benefits

Describe the following: If you reside within the Greater Vancouver Area, the Massage Therapist can come to you. We save you the hassle (especially if you’re in pain due to sciatica, arthritis, migraines, etc) of finding a clinic, fighting traffic and the stress of driving (especially if you’re in pain due to a particular condition)

Secondly, Enjoy the surroundings you choose. At work, at home or by a lake, on the beach or in the woods. Mood, ambiance, air, music, even scent can be set based on temperature, ambiance, atmosphere, and air.

Three. We provide a massage table, linen, lotion, ice packs, pillows, extra towels, heating pads, and other items to support the massage.

Four. Do not aggravate your body in any wYou can rest assured that the mobile clinic will come to you with highly effective treatment, which can give you relief between your progressive treatments.treatment. Once your treatment is complete,As soon as your treatment is finished, you can lie in bed and enjoy the therapeutic effects

Five. Do not be rushed out of thYou won’t miss your appointment or feel rushed out of the clinic on time. at the clinic. Simply relax and let the Massage Therapist Relax and let the Massage Therapist take care of the logistics and scheduling so you can essentially “switch off”.

Six. Increasing the amount of hands-on time. The massage should last one or two hours. The hands-on time should be between 60 and 90 minutes. Assessment and verbal interview times do not encroach on your treatment time and are limited to 15 minutes on either side.

Seven. Progressively and therapeutically treating patients.Anton RMT believes that a customized but progressive therapeutic treatment plan is tailored to the specific needs of each client, whether the service is mobile or on-site. As your body heals itself after a specific condition or ailment, the techniques used at each appointment may vary. Because this dynamic and progressive approach changes with your body, you can expect a faster recovery and rejuvenating experience. What a difference!