The Nreal Air AR glasses will soon be reality

The Nreal Air Augmented Reality glasses will be available exclusively through EE (formerly Everything Everywhere, the U.K.’s best network for 5G) in the United Kingdom this upcoming spring.

A partnership between Chinese augmented reality innovator and startup Nreal Air and EE have been ongoing, leading to a series of collaborations between the two companies to bring the highly anticipated AR glasses to the U.K. market. Boasting a big-screen experience—anytime, anywhere—Nreal Air AR glasses will be obtainable exclusively from the U.K.’s best network for 5G, EE.

The glasses are a 201-inch expanded Full HD virtual display at 6 meters, fine-tuned audio, and a stylish sunglasses design that offers a truly immersive digital experience whenever you’re on the go. Now, Brits will be able to take their big-screen gaming, movie experiences, and sporting events with them on the move.

Image via Nreal Air

Simply connect the stylish glasses to a compatible smartphone to experience a large-scale digital connection. For instance, you can use the glasses to stream content in Full HD or even cloud gaming. You can pair them with a connected Bluetooth gaming controller, so you can play your favorite AAA gaming title with essentially just a pair of sunglasses and a controller in your backyard.

Air Casting mode allows you to stream content on a 130-inch virtual display. MR Space mode displays up to 201 inches and a mixed reality experience, such as stationary biking in an AR environment. Weighing only 79g, the Nreal air glasses are lightweight and easily fitted with a lens frame for those who require prescription glasses.

“When combined with the power of 5G, it really does open up new possibilities for seamless streaming,” Director of Devices and Partnerships of EE, Alistair Wilson stated. Continuing, “and possibilities for access to new types of on-the-move content,” ultimately noting, “these are really exciting times for mobile.”

No announcement regarding the exact release date and pricing just yet, though the cool gadget is currently retailing in Japan for about $311 or £248. A complete list of compatible iOS and Android smartphones will also be supplied at launch.

The possibilities of 5G networking and augmented reality coming together to create something revolutionary means exciting times—it’ll be interesting to see the heights that Nreal and EE can accomplish together, with a product boasting uncapped potential and creativity.