That Time McDonald’s Recalled 12 Million Toxic AF ‘Shrek’ Glasses

After the remember, a stick to-up investigation into painted character glasses new and aged identified that they experienced “up to 1,000 occasions the federal limit for lead in children’s solutions.” These integrated kinds with Disney characters, DC Comics superheroes, Coca-Cola logos, and additional. In accordance to an investigation by client goods protection advocate Tamara Rubin of the Direct Risk-free Mama blog (whose operate is dependable for the current flurry of interest in this matter and so this post), the outdated Garfield mugs in unique comprise far more than 1,000 times the at the moment lawful amount of guide in The united states and about 150 times the volume of cadmium permitted in the state of Washington (there is certainly no federal law about this, however). That peculiar aftertaste is not lasagna it is most cancers-creating chemical compounds. Rubin has produced even far more concerning findings in harmless-searching mugs adorned with the likes of Snoopy, the Smurfs, the Carebears, Popeye, and much more — fundamentally, really considerably each individual mug an ’80s kid was very likely to beg their dad and mom for.

And it’s not like the toxic crap stays in the glass — an Uk examine uncovered that the metals can leach out and be swallowed. The dumbest part in this article is that, even ahead of Taggart and Rubin’s the latest findings, some had been warning about this for more than 30 several years. In 1977, the Environmental Safety Company warned that McDonald’s painted eyeglasses contained concentrations of lead well earlier the authorized restrict for that era, and McDonald’s’ response was mainly “no they will not.” The Garfield mugs had been just much too critical for the company’s fiscal survival, evidently. (The following tweet is screenshotted from Rubin’s blog.)

The fantastic news is that there are impartial stores out there that provide non-harmful mug replacements for the Garfield glasses at value, just for the love of Jim Davis, like this one particular. We recommend hurrying up and stealthily replacing the kinds your mom refuses to toss out just before Mr. Davis sues all those people retailers into oblivion. 

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Prime graphic: Dreamworks Images, McDonald’s 

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