Some fun facts about skateboarding

Six Fun And Interesting Facts About Skateboarding ⋆ Makobi Scribe

Skateboarding became famous after 1959. It is often regarded as an extreme sport consisting of many risky moves. The skateboard consists of a board with wheels attached to it. People use it to casually ride and slide through stairs, ledges and roads with hurdles. 

There are many competitions and street style events that have skateboarding included in them. Nowadays, people are becoming more interested in this sport because of its popularity among the youth; there is also a rise in skateboard manufacturers and skateboard shops. However, people are not aware of specific facts about skateboarding. The following points will help you understand these points:

Sixth most popular sport

This sport is regarded as the sixth most popular sport in the world because of its popularity among the youth. America is seen as a hub for this sport, as you can spot a skater or two on the streets every day. Many parks are dedicated to this sport, making it even more popular. In the beginning, the skateboards were different and not as strong as today’s boards. Nowadays, the board’s strength and speed are essential features.

It was called sidewalk surfing.

The term skateboarding was given to the sport much later, but it was initially called sidewalk surfing. Because the sport is inspired by surfing, people who enjoyed surfing wanted a substitute for the regular streets. Hence, they came up with this sport. 

Began in California

This sport began in California when the surfers wanted to shift to land with their skills. It was the first country where the first skateboard shop was established. Now there are numerous outlets around the world. 

First commercial skateboard

Long after the creation of skateboards, their commercialisation began with the board that was called Roller Derby Skateboard. 

It has also been used in combat. 

In the 1990s, this sport was also a significant part of the U.S. military as they used the board for strategic combat actions. It was used in situations like detecting tripwires and bomb traps. 

Skill development

This sport helps people develop skills like coordination, balance, patience, stress relief, and pain tolerance. It is better if one starts from a young age, as a child’s brain can learn at a fast pace. For example, if a child starts learning this sport, he will be good at balancing himself, and his mind will become sharp because of the constant focus he has to maintain while skateboarding.

Patti Mcgee, the first woman pro

Patti McGee was the first woman who took skateboarding as her profession and became a pro. She was the fastest skateboarder of her era at the age of 19. She became famous and was also featured on many news channels and magazines. 

A part of the Olympics

This sport has had its rise and downfall in terms of recognition. It was banned in Norway because of its dangerous nature. But during the COVID 19 pandemic, it succeeded in becoming part of the Olympics 2021. This sport has a bright future in the world, especially after its recognition in the Olympics. 

Summing Up

You can also become a pro in it by practising and learning. Many instructors give classes to beginners. It is best if you first learn about it and then start with your journey as a skateboarder. Find a shop where you can find good-quality skateboards online and all the necessary gear for your learning experience.