So, I just spent my day playing Valheim through these weird-ass prototype XR glasses

Say good day, or far more correctly ‘Yo, dawg,’ to the bodacious lookin’ Viture One (opens in new tab) XR Glasses. We’ve been acquiring a palms-on session in the workplace this morning with these light-weight, and hella expensive, undesirable boys.

Okay, more than enough with the ’80s slang now. But really, do I not glance like I am about to try and hack into the mainframe while blaring out my synthwave mixtape? The Viture One particular XR Eyeglasses occur touting the kind of technological innovation I have been pining for because the dawn of moveable gaming. By projecting the image suitable in entrance of your eyes, it seeks to alleviate the main difficulty I had when I took the Steam Deck travelling (opens in new tab): getting to hunch over for hrs on close.