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Oleg Tashlykov and sample glass

impression: The scientific staff headed by Oleg Tashlykov has been working on the creation of environmentally pleasant protecting glass for 3 several years
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Credit score: UrFU / Anastasia Farafontova.

Researchers at the Ural Federal University (UrFU) with colleagues from the Arabian Peninsula have improved the radiation protection qualities of glass, in individual borate glasses (boron oxide-primarily based glass). They launched unique additives into the standard composition of the glass – significant metallic oxides. This substantially greater the density of the content devoid of affecting its transparency. A description of the experiments and the final results of the research was published in the journal Development in Nuclear Energy.

Borate eyeglasses are used in scintillation detectors of ionizing radiation (products in nuclear physics for registration of gamma radiation and examine of radiation spectra of radionuclides) and for radiation protection. Glasses based on boron oxide are an environmentally friendly alternative to glasses with the addition of lead. But they have low density, which is just one of the most important elements affecting the top quality of radiation defense. Scientists added cadmium oxide to the composition of glass and found out that in this way the density of glasses have elevated appreciably. The new samples turned out to be usable for chambers that safeguard against gamma radiation.

“The capability of the shielding content to attenuate passing gamma or X-rays improves with rising cadmium focus in the glass composition. Made samples confirmed great outcomes as radiation shielding content in the areas of lower and medium electrical power gamma radiation. To ensure the validity of the outcomes, we established their protective qualities using 3 solutions, together with the properly-regarded Monte Carlo simulation – laptop simulation of the transfer of many forms of radiation (neutrons, gamma rays, electrons, positrons). The simulation results confirmed fantastic settlement with the experimental facts on the attenuation coefficients of eyeglasses with regard to gamma radiation of cesium-137 and cobalt-60 isotopes,” says Oleg Tashlykov, affiliate professor at the Department of Nuclear electrical power crops and renewable electricity sources of UrFU.

A higher degree of transparency is an critical prerequisite for protecting eyeglasses, because these types of glasses are applied in a range of programs. From nuclear analysis laboratories to the X-ray rooms of hospitals, as perfectly as in so-referred to as scorching cells where by extremely radioactive products are manipulated remotely. They have to protect persons from radiation, permitting them to command the needed machines and execute any steps at a length.

Researchers have been choosing the optimal composition of direct-no cost glasses for many years. The principal conditions are environmental friendliness and small body weight (minimum direct), superior radiation protection and transparency. Previously researchers confirmed that partial substitution of direct with bismuth compounds leads to considerable enhancement of protective characteristics of glasses. Now scientists are screening a few far more variations of compositions of glass with various additives (oxides of barium, zinc, tungsten, and so on.). This is important in get to come across the exceptional composition of the material with excellent protective qualities, a higher degree of transparency and charge-successful manufacturing.


At the present time at function with large ionizing radiation leaded eyeglasses are largely use. They are generated in Japan, Czech Republic, Germany, New Zealand, Russia, and many others. They are greatly utilized when visible observation is needed at perform with radioactive materials. They are set up, for illustration, in X-ray rooms, computer system tomography rooms, laboratories, scientific and research institutes.

Glasses with a substantial guide-oxide articles delivers a superior degree of protection against radiation, but in excess of time direct is unveiled from these types of glass and, by penetrating into objects that appear into get in touch with with it, results in them to turn out to be contaminated. Lead accumulation in the system impacts a range of human’s techniques (mind, liver, kidney, and bone procedure).

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