Rosehip Whip Moisturiser, 2 ounces, by Eminence

Buy Eminence Day Care 2 Oz Stone Crop Whip Moisturizer (Normal To Dry Skin)  253 For Women Online in USA. B00879RPU4

Eminence Rosehip moisturizer Organics Rosehip Whip Moisturizer(2 oz./60 ml)Benefits Great for acne, rosacea and irritated skinThis moisturiser is designed to moisturise and soothe irritated skin, and improve rosacea and acne skin conditions Use daily to help normalise sebaceous secretion, augment skin’s natural ability to resist environmental dehydration, and improve vitality by supplying vitamins and nutrients to the skin Features Rosehip which has Ester-C along with Vitamins A, C, E, Coenzyme Q10, and Alpha Lipoic Acid to reduce inflammation and irritation. Pectin enriches, nourishes and moisturises the skinEminence Organics is a highly effective, entirely organic skin care line. These hand-made products contain only organic ingredients and are extremely effective and healing. You will see and feel immediate results from Eminence products because they are rich in vitamins, active ingredients, and nutrients.


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It contains Rosehip, Rosehip Extract, Corn Germ Oil, Horse Chestnut Extract, Bioflavonoids, and Natural Moisturising Factor (Coenzyme Q10, Alpha Lipoic Acid), Glycerine, Glycine Derivative, Vitamin B5 From Soy, and Lemon Extract.


Using hands soaked in tea, fruit juice, or mineral water, apply a thin layer as a moisturiser or massage cream to cleansed skin. As needed, dilute the product with water for a lighter application.


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This product is really good. Straight from the spa, I’ve bought it before. However, the colour and smell of this product differ slightly. However, this isn’t a fake, I believe it is just from an older batch. The two Eminence moisturisers I bought on Amazon from different sellers were both printed with a different version date on the bottom of the folded paper inserts that came inside the Eminence boxes. According to one list, it was updated in 2016, and according to another (Rosehip) it was updated in 2014. Many people are convinced that it is a fake. I am not convinced. It gives me the same feeling as the moisturiser that I bought directly from Eminence, so I will continue to use it.





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It doesn’t appear to be an eminence product. A dermatologist has treated me for a horrible reaction I had. Beware of what you order here. It may or may not be authentic and could cause skin reactions. I’ve received “Eminence” products from Amazon recently and they were outside the return period. In 10 years of using Eminence products, I’ve only had one reaction and had to dispose of all products from Amazon and replace them with official products from an authorised salon. Get your product from an authorised dealer to ensure you’re getting the real thing.


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My first confession is that I am a facial product junkie. Almost everything has been tried by me. It goes on and on with Lamar, Obagi, Lumiere, skin ceuticals, Arbonne, avene, Auspect, and revision! There is a combination of dryness and oiliness on my skin, and I am prone to breakouts.

You can’t go wrong with this moisturiser. The formula is effective without clogging pores. Also, it seems to calm sensitive skin. One of the best things about this product is how inexpensive it is compared to others. Definitely worth checking out!


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Creams like this are excellent. The t-zone of my face is oily. My face often looks pink or red even though I don’t have rosacea. My skin appears less oily and redness is reduced with this cream. It’s great. This winter I used it even though someone told me it’s only good for summer. As it is organic, it should be kept refrigerated.