Pay it 4ward: Albuquerque nail salon owner thanked for generosity to community

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – When consumers get their nails done at Pink Ribbon Nail Salon in northwest Albuquerque, the income does not just go back to New Mexicans battling breast cancer, it also goes abroad to enable people fewer privileged.

“We’re celebrating the goodness that Tina Diep, owner of Pink Ribbon, brings to our community and to our life,” claimed Tanya Pyke, Pay back it 4ward nominator. 

But just before we rejoice Diep, 1st a minimal record. KOB 4 very first released you to Diep again in 2017. She was born in Vietnam, and then she was adopted. Diep by no means realized her biological parents, but she then discovered her father appropriate in Albuquerque.

“I enjoy it, you know, I could not be any happier,” stated Diep’s father in 2017. 

What introduced her to New Mexico, however? And what fueled that lookup for her father? It was a medical diagnosis.

“When I observed out I had breast cancer and they stated there’s nothing they can do. Let us just go down below to be future to my father, and I’ve been all around for four years now,” mentioned Diep. 

It’s below that Diep opened the Pink Ribbon Nail Salon.

“She’s an wonderful female has an remarkable past and absolutely contributes to Albuquerque and our group,” explained Pyke. 

Diep hosted fundraisers for New Mexicans battling breast cancer and even gave again to her residence region.

“She has adopted numerous community users in Vietnam and I imagine 73 little young children that she goes back on an yearly foundation, and just brings them all varieties of goodness,” Pyke mentioned. 

She even helped Pyke’s mother after hrs to support her really feel safer for the duration of the pandemic.

“My mom was going as a result of breast most cancers for a second time all through COVID. But you know, she also wished to come to feel and glance really herself,” discussed Pyke. 

Which is why Pyke made the decision to aid Pay It 4ward with $400. 

“Tina my close friend. You are this kind of an amazing, gorgeous and strong lady, and you deliver so much adore and generous donation to the communities that you stay in, right here and abroad in Vietnam. And we’re just in this article to honor you,” Pyke claimed. 

“Oh my gosh. Tanya. You should’ve named me and stated one thing, I did not get completely ready for this. Do I search okay? Thank you,” stated Diep. “Thank you so much, Tanya. I’m form of stunned. Thank you.”

Just after two a long time, Diep was in a position to ultimately go back to Vietnam.

“The dollars they set in right here it indicates a whole lot for the reason that I don’t use that dollars for anything at all, I use that dollars to aid people out there,” Diep stated. 

Thanks to Pyke, and her spouse, for supporting her.

“I’m not meant to be below, because when I come across I experienced breast cancer I thought that is it.,I’m accomplished. But I’m nonetheless all-around for one more 4 yrs and I have completed a ton in this four yr. Just tell other women of all ages out there who go by means of what I go through, Just be robust. I know we can do it. Just be strong and be content and carry on to combat for our life. Life is gorgeous,” reported Diep.