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Nasomatto profumo perfume is for those who dare to take risks with bold, playful, luxurious scents that blur the lines between masculine and feminine. The scents of Alessandro Gualtieri, an Italian perfumer who has created scents for Versace, Valentino, Helmut Lang, and Fendi, have established the brand among the world’s leading perfumes since its creation in 2007.

Why not try one of the nine scents Nasomatto has to offer yourself or someone you care about? As the holiday season approaches and panic is setting in, why not treat yourself or someone you care about? It can be overwhelming when searching for the right one, with fresh citrus and floral notes juxtaposed with deep, rich notes of tobacco and oud. That is why we are here to help you find the one that is right for you. You can now choose the perfect scent for this Christmas with this carefully curated guide to Nasomatto perfumes:


Notes: Tobacco, wood, coffee, and oud.

The fragrance of Stanwell’s Black Afgano is abundant with deep notes of wood and oud, creating a rich and lasting fragrance. To evoke the best qualities of hashish, this fragrance has coffee and tobacco notes for a quirky, illicit smell. Its androgynous nature makes Black Afgano perfect for evening wear, regardless of gender.


There are notes of jasmine, bergamot, and smoke.

Nasomatto’s Nudiflorum is a refreshing floral fragrance bursting with notes of jasmine, bergamot, and a richer undertone of smoke. It is the perfect scent for the modern woman. The delicate scent of this fragrance makes it easy to wear from day to night.


Notes: Musk, rose, amber, whiskey, wood.

With undertones of wood and musk, this scent is rich, sweet, and masculine. A delicate balance of masculine and feminine notes is created by the top notes including rose and whiskey. As time goes on, the lighter notes emerge to leave a long lasting scent sure to attract people’s attention.


Woods: Birch, leather, musk, white.

The scent is characterized by pale woody notes contrasted beautifully with deeper notes of musk and leather for a genuinely earthy scent that is reminiscent of nature. This fragrance comes in a quirky bottle with a silver birch inspired top, making it the perfect Christmas gift.

The White of China

Woody, musky, floral, powdery note.

With its floral, powdery scent and deeper woody notes, this scent settles on the skin beautifully. The combination of light and dark in this scent creates a complex, mesmerising scent that makes the perfect gift for anyone or a special treat for yourself.

Quite a challenge

Spices, wood, leather.

Its use of spices makes it one of the most festive scents, taking a turn toward the deep and indulgent. Although this fragrance is dominated by wood and leather, the clean crisp scent of spices lifts it to a lighter, more feminine feel.

Drug V

Tuberose, jasmine, lily, spices.

Designed for the elegant woman who prefers softer, floral notes, Narcotic V is the most feminine scent in the Narcotic line. As layers of sweetness reveal themselves over time, this tuberose, jasmine and lily nectar lasts on the skin for hours.

I apologize

Dark chocolate, sandalwood, cinnamon, tonka bean, magnolia.

Featuring sandalwood and tonka beans along with magnolia and cinnamon, this rich fragrance has a delicately balanced scent that evokes masculinity. The festive party season calls for a fragrance that is filled with delicious, sweet ingredients.

A gold musk

The notes are musk, white wood, and metallic.

The perfect, clean scent for everyday wear, evoking freshness and lightness. The undertones of musk are beautifully balanced with the soft metallic notes of Silver Musk, an enchanting scent sure to appeal to everyone.