White, Yellow and Red Gold

Gold, Silver and Platinum: Learn All about our Precious Metals

Things that are scarce and chemically inert are known as precious metals. They have a substantial financial value due to the fact they are scarce in mother nature. Jewellerry, industrial processes, and investment automobiles all commonly use cherished metals.

The 4 major precious metals are palladium, platinum, silver, and gold. The qualities of the completed solution can be improved by combining frequent alloying components with the principal valuable metals, dependent on the software. Non-cherished steel jewellery and components can also incorporate other appealing components.

In this article at Cooksongold we use the the maximum top quality alloys for our castings which includes Silver, Platinum and 9 or 18ct Crimson, Yellow and White Gold. These 3 metals have remained incredibly well-known additional time and have a timeless manner where by they are made use of seriously in contemporary trend

Did you know that all our gold casting alloys (excluding Fairtrade) incorporate 100% recycled gold, as accredited by the Accountable Jewellery Council Chain of Custody. In addition, our Sterling Silver is also certified 100% recycled.

White, Yellow and Red Gold
White, Yellow and Crimson Gold 3D printed Signet Rings


Gold has extensive been prized for its elegance, but it also has physical characteristics that have fascinated people today. Many jewelry designers and producers like gold to other metals for the reason that it never tarnishes and has great workability. In actuality, a thread manufactured of a person ounce of gold could increase extra than 50 kilometres in duration. That total can also be rolled up into a sheet that is 100 square ft in sizing. Gold is a treasured metal for both equally designers and individuals mainly because, with appropriate care, it may perhaps very last endlessly. It doesn’t oxidise or corrode, and the only things that can harm it are a several uncommon acids or sizzling chlorine bleach.

In accordance to recent analysis, gold is thought to have its origins billions of several years back in the distant reaches of the universe. In the early days of Earth, it arrived as dust. Gold has undergone several modifications, and the jewelry-quality metal may well do so in the future. By melting down previous gold items and reconstructing the gold into new items, gold can be recycled. For instance, damaged jewellery and outdated coins can be melted down and utilised to develop model-new gold jewellery.

Gold Alloys

Gold has numerous appealing features, but it does have a single large flaw: softness. This indicates that it degrades immediately. (This attribute is various from hardness steps employed in gemology and mineralogy as a evaluate of scratch resistance.) But when gold is blended with other metals, more robust, a lot more resilient gold alloys are manufactured that are far better suited for jewellery application. Even though some jewelry designers do utilise pure gold, most individuals never put on pure gold jewellery usually since it conveniently dents and demonstrates dress in.

Silver, copper, nickel, iron, zinc, tin, manganese, cadmium, and titanium are metals that are routinely alloyed with gold for jewelry-building. Alloying not only improves the power of gold, but also some of its other traits. For instance, selected gold alloys may discolour clothing or induce allergic reactions. These reactions are not brought on by the gold itself. Rather, it is the alloyed metals.

Silver 3D printed ‘Unity’ Ring


People today have valued silver a lot more than gold at different details in record. Silver has a extensive background of use as an trade medium and in jewellery, in addition to a lot of far more novel purposes. These now incorporate, to mention a several, pictures, batteries, vehicle glass defoggers, and magnetic strips.

Silver is one particular of the most often utilized jewelry metals due to a range of characteristics. Its most placing visual attribute is its shine. Additionally, when compared to gold or platinum, silver is additional cost-effective and a lot more plentiful. On the other hand, silver is far more difficult to offer with than gold due to how correctly metal transmits heat. Simply because of this, commencing jewellery makers frequently discover how to solder silver. Controlling the heat on gold gets to be more simple as they learn their soldering technique on this extremely conductive metallic.

Silver Alloys

Pure silver is delicate and susceptible to problems, just like gold. In order to boost the sturdiness of silver, jewellery producers often alloy it with more challenging metals. With silver alloys, they can develop gorgeous, long lasting pieces that are best for everyday put on.

Silver Jewelry Use

Jewellery makers inscribe a code for the alloy applied on parts of silver. For instance, the numbers 925 and 958 denote sterling silver and Britannia silver, respectively. When paying for silver jewelry, pay back near awareness to the piece to seem for this code.

Other silver jewellery metals are deserving of detect, even although jewellers want sterling silver to any other alloy for silver jewellery.

Platinum 3D Printed Genko Ring
Platinum Genko Ring


Platinum possesses unmatched keeping toughness and sturdiness whilst being much more expensive and uncommon than gold. No tarnish takes place. With regard to engagement and wedding day rings in unique, these characteristics make it a person of the most sought-after, high quality jewellery metals.

Catalytic converters are just one particular case in point of the a lot of industrial makes use of for platinum. In actuality, this is the utilisation of half of the platinum mined in the United States and a quarter of the platinum mined globally. Platinum is one more weighting substance utilised by the US Bureau of Criteria. These weights are continual above time simply because this metallic doesn’t oxidise.

Platinum Alloys

In actuality, “platinum” refers to a assortment of metals. This group also is made up of iridium, osmium, palladium, rhodium, and ruthenium. All of these metals, with the exception of osmium, have jewellery takes advantage of, with platinum remaining the most popular.

Platinum Jewellery Use

While platinum has been utilised in many artefacts considering the fact that 700 BCE, its application in jewelry is far more recent. Its extraordinarily large melting level and strong corrosion resistance designed the metallic tough to refine for a lot of several years. Platinum was initial utilised as an inlay in historical Egypt, in accordance to data. (The Egyptians, nonetheless, considered that this metal was a sort of electrum.) For ages, Native Us residents employed platinum in little decorative items. Europeans have been unaware of platinum until the Spanish uncovered it in the New Entire world. It was identified as platina, which is Spanish for “small silver.” They viewed as this to be “unripe gold” and thus worthless in accordance with the notions of the interval concerning the development of metals.

Researchers very first recognised platinum as a novel metal in the 18th century. A Swedish chemist named Henrik Scheffer located how to soften platinum utilizing arsenic. As before long as refining was feasible, platinum was used by artisans to embellish porcelain and by experts to create laboratory devices. Nonetheless, working with arsenic to refine platinum turned out to be quite dangerous. As a result, platinum didn’t grow to be especially properly-known until finally the development of the oxyhydrogen torch in the mid-1800s.

In the 19th century, new platinum ore discoveries attracted the consideration of jewellers, who commenced employing the metallic. It turned into a status and wealth marker for early 20th-century stars. Greta Garbo and other film stars generally wore platinum jewelry and components. The platinum environment of the 530-carat “Star of Africa” diamond on the British royal sceptre.

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