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Are you looking for stylish designer tops to groom yourself? Are you the one who loves to update your wardrobe with unique tops? Do you want to look different from others by setting up a unique style? 

If you are a fashionista, it is time for you to customise the best quality designer women’s tops and style them yourself. Fashion and styling are something women never compromise. In any outfit women choose to wear, comfort is considered equally as important as the design. Nowadays, women make sure they wear the most comfortable and eye-catching tops that sets them apart from others.

Clothing brings out attitude, increases the body and self-confidence, personality, and character of a person. Designer tops help you look incredibly stylish and flaunt at parties.

Women wear designer tops at corporate meetings, meetings, work tips, parties, special occasions, and brunches.

Top and high-end designers carefully customise and design women’s tops according to the needs of their clients.

Before customising tops with a designer, consider and analyse the following features to meet your requirements.

  • Type of tops
  • Material
  • Sleeve type
  • Sleeve length
  • Design
  • Top length
  • Colour
  • Bottom wear choice
  • Size and measurements
  • Body shape
  • Other styling aspects

Blouson tops

It comes with a 3/4 sleeve and fits a rectangle-shaped body type. It gets designed with a waistband that is elasticated and can be worn during formal outings and parties. 

Boxy loose top

It is a loose-fitting top and looks classy when paired with skinny pants. It gives a cosy and comfortable feel and is suitable to wear even during summer.

A shaped top

It comes with the shape of the letter A, and the best thing is, this top is suitable for all body types.

Cape top

The cape top fits perfectly around the waist and can also be styled as a longer top.

Cinched top

It shows your body slimmer and has the feature of tying up the waists to attain a curvy body look.

Choker tops

Choker tops have a V neckline and a piece of clothing attached to your neck. It looks like you’re wearing a choker matching with your top, and it is one of the most trending tops in town.

Ethnic tops

Ethnic tops are classic and traditional wear types that get customised and designed for styling at special parties and occasions. It can also be paired with any bottoms such as jeans, leggings, palazzos, etc.

Sleeve types

Top design houses customise with different designs. Some of them are,

  • Butterfly sleeves
  • Angel sleeves
  • Kimono sleeves
  • Cap sleeves
  • Bell sleeves
  • Cuff sleeves
  • Slutter sleeves
  • Raglan sleeves

You can choose your sleeve style and customise it according to your preferences.


Designer tops come with attractive and vibrant colours so that you groom yourself according to your sense of style. They range from bright to pastel colours, with different patterns and textures and mix and match options. 

Size and body shape

Designer women’s tops get customised according to client fittings and measurements. Size usually varies from extra large to extra small.

With growing technologies and innovations, you can enjoy the comfort of customising your top from your home. You choose the top, colour, measurements, and styling type, and the top gets delivered to your doorstep. Enjoy your shopping with stylish designer tops and flaunt wherever you go with your styling sense.