October 2, 2022


Forget Mediocre Fashion

Designer Bob Mackie Says Letting Kim Kardashian Wear Marilyn Monroe’s Dress Was “a Big Mistake”

When Kim Kardashian determined to have on Marilyn Monroe’s legendary bare dress to the Satisfied Gala earlier this month, she confronted a total great deal of criticism around her selection to acquire this sort of a traditionally sizeable garment out for a night. But maybe none was as sharply worded as that from Bob Mackie, 1 of the unique designers of the gown.

Mackie is the legendary costume designer responsible for drawing the unique sketch for the 1962 gown when he was just 23 years outdated and working as an assistant to fashion designer Jean Louis who was accountable for essentially developing the garment out of silk soufflé—a highly flammable material that provides the gown its nude illusion effect. When questioned about the actuality star’s selection to revive one of his most famous creations on the red carpet, Mackie explained to Amusement Weekly, “I considered it was a large miscalculation. [Marilyn] was a goddess. A insane goddess, but a goddess. She was just amazing. No person images like that. And it was accomplished for her. It was developed for her. No one else need to be viewed in that dress.” In reality, the dress wasn’t just developed for Monroe, but was truly dyed to match her precise skin tone and was sewn onto her system prior to her infamous overall performance of “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” at Madison Sq. Back garden.

Mackie’s feelings echo worries from some historians who claimed that even just the act of Kardashian putting the dress on her human body was enough to lead to damage to its upcoming preservation and structural integrity. TCM host Alicia Malone also described to the outlet that “There are all the challenges with the real preservation of the gown and items like oxygen can have an impact on a dress. Commonly, these outfits are retained quite substantially in controlled environments and we see that with the Met. The Costume Institute is so mindful about how they are handling these historic things. So, it was pretty alarming that she was able to put on it. I personally desire she wore a replica as a substitute of the genuine matter.”

Of program, Mackie’s complaint may have as a great deal to do with the superstar sporting it as her decision in attire as he doesn’t feel to be notably impressed with the Kardashians as a total. The famed designer previously instructed Site 6 in 2021, “The Kardashians are pretty beautiful and some are downright wonderful, but they are just well known for currently being famous. You know, they created a large amount of money, so I guess there’s a little something to say about that. A pair of them genuinely have copied Cher’s outfits just line for line, beat for conquer, which is fascinating. It’s like, whichever. I did those [designs] so many years ago that I really do not get worried about them getting copied or everything. It’s form of a compliment, definitely.”