Brim Hats—Everything You Need to Know to Style it Up!

Have you been looking for those big hats that people wear on beaches or in summer? Do you have a certain style in mind but somehow cannot find the right hat? Have you been searching it up all over the Internet but got no luck yet? If you have nodded yes to each of these questions, then this post is just for you. Also, the beautiful big hat that you have been dreaming of is called—brim hats. 

It is a common experience in today’s world that we are often seeing interesting wardrobe items either on the streets or on the Internet but somehow cannot find the correct terms. This comes in our way of styling ourselves according to the latest trends and fits. Nevertheless, your prayers have been answered and, in this post, you will be guided through everything that one needs to know about brim hats. Starting from what is a brim hat, what are the major variants available, to how to take care of them and how to select the right one for you—you will get to learn about everything.

What is a brim hat?

Essentially, every hat happens to have a ‘brim’ that is attached at the bottom of the ‘crown’ of it. This is better described as the edge of the hat that can be of diverse variants and can be styled differently accordingly. While some hats have short or small brims, others have wide or large brims. Hence, a brim hat is a general term for hats which diverse range of edges. 

What are the major variants of brim hat? 

Brim hats can be of various variants as already mentioned above. Majorly, brim hats can be of three types— big brim hat with round crown, narrow brim hat with creased crown and small brim hat with round crown. Depending on the waves of fashion through the decades, stylists and designers have repeatedly experimented with brim hats. With the different forms of brims, you will also find different types of crowns. This makes the diversity of hats even more and better.

What is new in fashion? 

Currently, fashion lovers are going crazy with the wide brim hats. This is not exactly new in fashion but has definitely been revolutionized in the recent times. Since every fashion trend from the vintage times is now becoming hype, wide-brim hats from the Victorian times are not an exception here. However, with time, outfits contrasting to brim hats have changed. Earlier, wide-brim hats used to be worn with a gown or dresses with flairs. Nowadays, it is being used in many occasions such as—sunbathing (with a bikini), beach visiting (with a tropical dress or coordinates) and even sunny dates (with a short backless dress).

How to take care of a big brim hat?

It is best to follow the instructions that come with your brim hats. Different hats have different materials hence need different instructions for cleaning, drying and storage. It is, therefore, recommended to consult with the salesperson regarding the specific form of care that will be required for your hat. It is safe to keep your hat in separate hat pegs with plenty of room to maintain the shape and not disturb the overall form. Many hats are delicate or are prone to mechanical damage. If you keep such a hat in your wardrobe buried with clothes, you will lose the original form and shape of the hat very easily and soon. Hence, to keep the brim intact, it is best to keep them separately and safely.

How to select the right one for you?

In order to choose the right kind for you, it is important to analyse the shape of your head, height and how you want to style it. If you happen to have a head shape that is bigger than the rest of the body and your height is average, it is best to go for short or small brim hats. On the other hand, if you are tall and have a rightly proportionate body, there are many options that you can try out. 

Considering the digital boom and the ever-increasing craze about fashion and style, it is very important that you stay updated and your wardrobe stays upgraded. This is one of the ways you can be at least, visually relevant. Hence, by reading about the new trends and fashion hypes, you will be able to stay relevant and gain more self-confidence and boost your self-esteem in many ways. However, many people do not actually give the things they read about online, a try. It may be due to the fact that they fear they would not be able to pull certain things off. But, in reality, you can actually pull every look off with the right amount of confidence and belief.