Best Blue Light Glasses 2022

Blue light glasses (a.k.a. blue light blocking glasses) have become a must-have accessory, and it’s easy to see why: Between working from home, checking your phone and watching TV, the amount of screen time you’re logging can take a toll on your eyes. With blue light emitted from those same screens, your level of daily exposure (as well as your kids’) is likely at an all-time high. And while some think these screen protection glasses are gimmicky, others swear they’re a workday essential right alongside your sit/stand desk and office chair. Bottom line: At best, blue light glasses protect your vision, reduce eye strain and help regulate circadian rhythms; at worst, they make you look cool.

If you wear prescription glasses, you can often add blue light blocking technology as a lens upgrade for convenient all-day protection. And if you don’t, blue light glasses are an excellent, affordable solution to help your eyes stay more comfortable throughout the work day and beyond. Interested in trying them out for yourself? (Or maybe you need specs for the entire family, including the kids.) Here are some top retailers that offer the best blue light glasses you can buy online.

  • Best Blue Light Glasses Overall: EyeBuyDirect
  • Best Value Blue Light Glasses: Zenni Optical
  • Best Blue Light Glasses Shopping Experience: Warby Parker
  • Best Blue Light Glasses For Accessorizing: Nordstrom
  • Best Designer Blue Light Glasses: Saks
  • Best Blue Light Glasses For Screen Protection: Felix Gray
  • Most Fashionable Blue Light Glasses: DIFF Eyewear
  • Best Blue Light Glasses In A Pinch: Amazon

Best Blue Light Glasses Overall

EyeBuyDirect: A Myriad Of Options From A Trusted Retailer

  • Best for: Anyone seeking frame variety and lens customization
  • Prescription option: Yes
  • Virtual try-on: Yes

EyeBuyDirect offers four different blue light blocking lenses on all its frames. The first is called EBDBlue Plus, which is scratch-resistant and protects against glare and UV light, in addition to blue light. The second is called EBDBlue360, which has an additional premium anti-glare coating. The third is EBDBlue Smart, which is blue light blocking and transitional. And the fourth is SightRelax, which is designed to relieve eyestrain and enhance reading. In a rush? EyeBuyDirect has a selection of glasses available for 2-day delivery.

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Best Value Blue Light Glasses

Zenni: Budget-Friendly Glasses That Don’t Sacrifice Style

  • Best for: Finding affordable glasses for the entire family
  • Prescription option: Yes
  • Virtual try-on: Yes

Zenni’s line of blue light blocking lenses is called Blokz and glasses start at the low price of $17 per pair. They block blue light as well as UV rays, and Zenni offers the glasses with prescription and non-prescription lenses, as well as sunglasses.

Best Blue Light Glasses Shopping Experience

Warby Parker: Celebrity-Endorsed Looks You Can Try On

  • Best for: Shopping online and trying on at home
  • Prescription option: Yes
  • Virtual try-on: Yes, and at-home try on

Warby Parker offers blue light blocking lenses on all of its eyewear. Simply go on the website and choose your favorite frames then at checkout, add on blue light blocking for $50. (You can get them in prescription or non-prescription lenses.)

When shopping online, Warby Parker allows customers to pick five pairs to test out, and there’s a virtual-try on option, too. Sent directly to your home with free shipping, you can try the frames for five days to see which suits you best. When you settle on a pair, send them back and purchase the glasses separately online to receive a new, fresh pair. Not sure which pairs to try? There’s a quiz that matches you with the glasses that are best suited for your face shape, style and needs.

Best Blue Light Glasses For Accessorizing

Nordstrom: Trendy Styles That Compliment Your Wardrobe

  • Best for: Nordstrom shoppers who consider glasses as accessories
  • Prescription option: No
  • Virtual try-on: No

Nordstrom offers blue light glasses from a wide variety of brands at different price points, making it easy to find the perfect pair. Unlike some of the other options on this list, you can’t order a prescription pair of glasses from Nordstrom online, so these are great for the contact wearers and those with 20/20 vision.

Best Designer Blue Light Glasses

Saks Fifth Avenue: Catwalk-Worthy Frames To Upgrade Your Zoom Look

Tom Ford Tortoiseshell Square Blue Block Optical Glasses

  • Best for: High-end designer styles
  • Prescription option: No
  • Virtual try-on: No

While the options are somewhat limited, Saks carries a selection of designer and luxury blue light blocking glasses from brands like Tom Ford, Kate Spade and Gucci. Most of the pairs have UV protection and adjustable nose pads and, for some pairs, you can get the lens replaced with a prescription from a different provider if necessary. With price tags between $68 and $835, you can find a pair that works for your budget.

Best Blue Light Glasses For Screen Protection

Felix Gray: Proprietary Technology Filters 15 Times More Blue Light

  • Best for: Flattering frames and a simple shopping experience
  • Prescription option: Yes, as well as magnification
  • Virtual try-on: Yes

Felix Gray offers a wide range of styles and colors for its blue light glasses. Each pair utilizes a proprietary technology that allows them to filter 15 times more blue light that can cause blurry vision and tired eyes when staring at screens all day. You can purchase the glasses as-is or add a prescription to the lenses. If you opt for a non-prescription pair, you can request magnification in your lenses instead—a good option for anyone fixated on spreadsheets all day.

Most Fashionable Blue Light Glasses

DIFF Eyewear: Designer Looks Without The Designer Prices

  • Best for: Quirky, designer-looking styles that don’t break the bank
  • Prescription option: Yes
  • Virtual try-on: No

DIFF eyewear is where high fashion meets function. If you want to protect your eyes in designer-inspired style, DIFF eyewear has a pair for you. The brand’s blue light blocking glasses are available in prescription, non-prescription and readers. Starting at $85 (with clearance prices going much lower), these higher-end blue light blocking glasses are worth the investment, especially if you spend most of your day looking at a screen. There are over 400 pairs to choose from, and for a limited time, there’s a BOGO offer on select frames—essentially two pairs for the price of one.

Best Blue Light Glasses In A Pinch

Amazon: Basic Frames When You Need Them ASAP

  • Best for: Basic low-cost options that you can get in a hurry (with Prime)
  • Prescription option: No
  • Virtual try-on: No

While you won’t find many designer blue light blocking glasses on Amazon, it’s the place to turn to when looking for non-prescription and affordable pairs. From square and rectangle frames to cat eye and circular, Amazon has more than 3,000 options starting as low as $7.

What Should I Consider When Buying Blue Light Glasses?

From cheap, basic frames to prescription designer specs, there are thousands of blue light blocking glasses for every need and budget. Consider the points below to help you find your perfect pair.


First thing’s first: Do want frames you can wear all day, including to work meetings? It might be worth spending a little more for a decent pair that’ll hold up (and make you feel polished in front of your colleagues).

If you’re just looking for a pair for occasional use or you’re shopping for your kids, lower-cost styles that you can afford to lose and replace may be your best bet. That said, you don’t have to settle for generic, low-quality glasses. For instance, Zenni Eyewear (above) offers affordable options that are also well-made, stylish and affordable.

Prescription Options

Do you already wear prescription glasses? Consider getting a pair that does double-duty with prescription blue light blocking glasses. Several of the retailers above let you customize your lenses with upgrades like a blue light-filtering coating.

Return policy

Higher-end blue light glasses can be a splurge, especially if they include prescription lenses. For pricier specs, especially, be sure to check the retailer’s return policy. Some give you a two-week window, some allow a one-time return for store credit, some charge a restocking fee and some don’t allow returns on custom orders.

What Is Blue Light?

Blue light is one of the colors on the visible light spectrum. It has a short wavelength, which means that it produces more energy than other light colors. There are two types of blue light—natural (from the sun) and artificial (from devices like your phone, computer, tablet, and TV). While exposure to natural blue light during the day isn’t much of a concern, regular exposure to artificial blue light has been linked to various problems, like eye strain, fatigue and headache.

Is Blue Light Really Bad For You?

But what’s so wrong with blue light? For one thing, it contributes to eye strain, and can also increase the risk of macular degeneration as well as other vision complications. It can also affect your sleep by disrupting your circadian rhythm. And while we’re all exposed to the blue light that comes from the sun (it’s the blue wavelengths in sunlight), which actually boosts attention and mood during the day, it’s our exposure to blue light outside of daylight hours that can affect us in less desirable ways.

Do Blue Light Blocking Glasses Really Work?

It depends who you ask. There isn’t a lot of research to support the use of these screen protection glasses says Phillip Yuhas, O.D., Ph.D., assistant professor in the College of Optometry at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. That said, the technology is still new. “Some patients do find that some blue light blocking glasses improve subjective comfort while viewing a screen,” Yuhas says.

Blue light glasses may also help you get a better night’s sleep, says Sunir J. Garg, M.D., a professor of ophthalmology at the Retina Service of Wills Eye Hospital. “For some folks, exposing themselves to intense blue light at nighttime can screw up their internal clock,” he says. “That can mess up certain people’s sleep-wake cycles. There may be some advantage to people using blue light glasses at night if they’re having trouble sleeping.”

Ultimately, the evidence is mostly anecdotal but wearing a pair of blue light glasses while looking at screens won’t hurt. However, if you have any additional concerns about your eyes or vision, your best bet is to consult with your eye doctor,