43 Sustainable Fashion Brands to Know and Shop 2022

Taking your first strides towards building a more sustainable wardrobe can feel a little overwhelming. We know that sustainable fashion is the future, but we also know that educating ourselves on the topic of sustainable fashion can be dizzying. You can’t, and likely won’t, become an expert in a day, however, there are a few simple steps that can help you navigate the sustainable fashion sector. Asking questions—like how a garment is made, the materials it’s made with, and who and what is impacted in the manufacturing process—is a great start.

Sustainability is an ever-evolving topic, but these brands are dedicating themselves to fully green practices, with sustainably sourced materials; ethical labor practices; a minimal carbon footprint; and a plan to minimize their dead stock or unused fabrics. While the most sustainable garments will be those you already own (reduce, reuse, recycle!) —we urge you to slow down and really think about what went into your next purchase. Now, keep scrolling to discover the brands that are helping make fashion a greener place.

Stella McCartney

Sustainable Fashion Stella McCartney

(Image credit: Stella McCartney)

Since 2001, Stella McCartney has been committed to sustainable practices and has adapted her brand to an ever-changing landscape of sustainable fashion. In 2008 the brand began using organic cotton; in 2012 the brand joined the Ethical Trading Initiative; and in 2016 it created a 100 percent sustainable viscose. In order to measure the impact of its business, the brand utilizes The Environmental Profit & Loss, a measurement tool for sustainable luxury.