40 Frustrating Beauty Problems You Didn’t Realize Are So Easy To Fix

There’s always that one problem in my skincare, haircare, or makeup routine that’s flat out frustrating. It’s easy to want to ignore it completely and simply go routine-less, but then, my skin or hair usually speaks up and creates even more annoying problems, obviously. So before you give up, read through this list. It’ll make you realize all those frustrating beauty problems are actually really fixable.

The first fix is all about eye shadow. If you avoid wearing it because you’re sick of fallout or blending shadow isn’t your thing, there are simple solutions. Grab the adhesive eye shadow pads on this list to catch fallout and the creamy shadow that doesn’t need a blending brush. With both of these fixes in hand, it’s easy to re-spark your love for a fun and colorful eye look.

For that skincare routine, stop your constant ingredient research. This list has the retinol that reviewers say works for sensitive skin, pimple patches that’ll get rid of unwanted blemishes overnight, and an exfoliating glove that’ll leave your body super smooth.

We all face these beauty problems, and they’re honestly frustrating enough to quit our routines altogether. Before you throw away your makeup bag, check out this list for easy fixes.

Problem: Your Makeup Brushes Are Coated With Layers Of Product

Solution: Washing Off Hidden & Dried Up Product With This Cleaning Kit

Even if your brush looks pretty clean, this brush cleaning kit will wash off every bit of dried-up foundation hiding in the bristles. Just insert your brush into the collar that’s closest to its size, and use the spinning attachment to swirl each brush in the included washing bowl at one of the three speeds. Plus, the spinning handle recharges with the stand and any USB cord, making the process of cleaning and drying your brushes a breeze.

Problem: Your Feet Are Painfully Dry

Solution: Relaxing & Moisturizing Your Heels With These Peeling Masks

These foot masks have to be the most relaxing skincare solution because you can lay in bed while you exfoliate and moisturize. The natural ingredients and papaya extracts work to heal painful dryness, cracking, and callouses while you scroll. After your de-stressing mask moment, all of the peeling benefits start to kick in within one to two weeks, leaving you with feet that are baby soft.

Problem: Your Mascara Flakes Or Smudges Under Your Eyes

Solution: Applying A Volumizing Mascara With Zero Smudging Worries

Apply this volumizing mascara as early in the day as you want — even if you’re going out that night. You won’t even have to think about it flaking or smudging under your eyes or on your eyelids, and the 54,000-plus five-star reviews on Amazon prove this mascara is a winner. This formula is elevated even more by the unique curvy brush and seven color options, including a trendy dark navy.

Problem: You Don’t Dry Your Hair Because It Takes Forever

Solution: Drying Your Hair With These Microfiber Wrap Towels

Instead of air drying (because it takes forever), walk around wearing this compact microfiber hair towel. The elastic loop keeps your wet hair in place while the absorbent polyester blend towel cuts the time you spend with your blow dryer in half. Best of all, this soft, lightweight towel won’t cause your hair to frizz or break.

Problem: Your Nail Polish Is Always Chipping Or Peeling

Solution: Applying A Nail Polish That Lasts For 8 Days

Yes, preventing your nail polish from peeling off in one frustrating sheet is as easy as choosing this gel polish. This gel-like nail polish comes in all of your go-to colors, and there’s, of course, a top coat you’ll want to grab that helps your at-home mani last for over a week. This easy fix is only two steps, and you get a long-lasting wear without having to invest in a UV lamp, phew.

Problem: Your Hairbrush Causes Breakage

Solution: Gently Brushing Your Hair With An Anti-Breakage Brush

It’s a pretty good idea to grab two of these detangling brushes: One for your bathroom drawer and the other for your shower because its anti-breakage, anti-frizz bristles are gentle enough for dry and wet hair. The wavy handle is also easy to hold onto in the shower. Bonus: every time you use this unique brush, the cone-shaped bristles increase scalp circulation, giving you a soothing little massage.

Problem: You Never Try Winged Liner Because It Might Look Uneven

Solution: Stamping On Perfectly Identical Wings With A Double-Sided Liner

This eyeliner stamp means you can finally get the perfect cat eye look, even if you’re no MUA. The eyeliners in this two-pack are double-sided, so you get a stamp and one regular eyeliner brush for each eye, of course. The waterproof formula also includes wax that helps it quickly dry, so there’s less of a chance of smudging.

Problem: You Look Tired, Whether Or Not You’re Sleepy

Solution: Wearing These Nourishing 24K Gold Eye Masks

These 24K gold eye masks are great for those moments when you slept great but still look a little tired. Or if you’re actually sleepy, obviously. In addition to looking so luxe, these eye masks are infused with hyaluronic acid to hydrate, collagen for elasticity, castor oil for a little shine, and plenty of vitamins for bright, nourished under eye skin.

Problem: You’re Tired Of Oily Makeup Removers

Solution: Using A Genius Cloth That Only Needs Water To Wipe Off Makeup

With this genius MakeUp Eraser, wiping off your makeup doesn’t require oily and irritating products. Simply use water and this colorful cloth, which has one cleansing side and one exfoliating side. It’s also a reusable skincare option that’s machine-washable to keep it disinfected. Just be sure to think about which of the nine colors you want, because this makeup-removing solution will last you about three to five years.

Problem: Your Skin, Hair & Nails Feel Dry

Solution: Get A Beautiful Glow With 100% Pure Jojoba Oil

This bottle of jojoba oil gives your skin, nails, and hair the hydrating refresh they’ve been craving. A powerhouse ingredient often seen in other beauty products, this 100% pure, organic jojoba oil is similar to your skin’s natural moisturizer, sebum, so it works to revive skin, nails, and cuticles. It can also add shine to your hair and prevent breakage, making this a moisturizing must-have.

Problem: You Can’t See Well When You’re Doing Your Makeup

Solution: Using A Light-Up Magnifying Mirror To See Every Angle

If you’re worried about your foundation matching skills or going too hard with the highlighter, use this LED-illuminated makeup mirror. The trifold mirror has a sleek touchscreen button to turn on the natural light that lets you see your makeup the way everyone else does when you’re out and about. It’s also complete with two different magnification panels so you can get a real good look at your eyebrows, and you can choose from six colors to match your space’s decor.

Problem: You Avoid Eye Shadow Because You’re So Sick Of Fallout

Solution: Wearing These Under Eye Pads That Catch Stray Bits Of Makeup

Apply these adhesive eye shadow pads right where your eye shadow has a habit of raining down and collecting under your eyes. This simple solution will re-spark your love of eye shadow because they’ll catch all of that annoying fallout. These non-woven cloth pads also stop you from applying shadow too far past your lash line, and they come in a bulk pack of 120.

Problem: You Deal With Unwanted Ingrown Hairs & Razor Bumps

Solution: Using An Exfoliating Brush Anytime You Want To Shave

Keep this exfoliating brush handy in your shower or near the sink, so you remember to use it anytime you want to shave — because getting painful ingrown hairs and razor bumps is the worst. It’s a reusable solution that gently exfoliates your skin and unclogs pores. You can also simply use this easy-to-clean brush twice a day for regular exfoliation.

Problem: You Broke Out Before A Big Event

Solution: Applying An Acne Sticker That Won’t Leave A Red Spot Or Irritation

Use these acne patches right before that big day, event, or any normal day when you can’t be bothered with a zit. They’re coated in hydrocolloid gel that absorbs all of the painful stuff in that frustrating pimple. Just be sure to this medical-grade patch for six to eight hours for all of the absorbing benefits. Don’t worry — it’s matte, thin, translucent, and it won’t leave behind a red spot or irritation, which is why it has over 66,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

Problem: You Can’t Stand It When Your Roots Show

Solution: Applying This Root Cover Up Spray That Isn’t Sticky

If you just aren’t into your roots peeking out, this root cover-up is easy to spray on. This bottle is filled with an ammonia-free, peroxide-free, and anti-smudge temporary hair color that blends into the rest of your locks. It comes in 10 colors from light blonde to black, and your nice new roots won’t feel sticky all day with the no-residue formula.

Problem: Your Cuticles Are Dry & Getting In The Way Of Your Polish

Solution: Safely Cutting Cuticles With These Pro-Worthy Trimmers

Saving money by painting your nails at home is the way to go, but first, you’ll need these cuticle trimmers. The surgical grade stainless steel trimmers safely and gently cut down dry cuticles. They’re also complete with grippy rubber handles, so you won’t be scared of slipping and nicking your skin or fingernail.

Problem: Your Hair Ties Pull & Crease Your Hair

Solution: Wearing These Spiral Hair Ties That Won’t Dent Or Pull Your Locks

These spiral hair ties are a way to finally stop finding strands of hair tangled up in your hair tie. They’re waterproof, anti-creasing, and they won’t pull out your hair. When you put your hair up, these ties help to distribute how tightly each strand is pulled — that means no more feeling like one single hair is being painfully tugged on while your hair is in a ponytail.

Problem: All Of Your Lipsticks Fade Too Quickly

Solution: Applying A 2-Step Moisturizing Lipstick That Stays On For 24 Hours

Taking the time to apply one extra layer with this SuperStay lipstick will give you 24 hours of a non-fading lipstick look. The first step is the color, and you have a whopping 45 of them to choose from. Then, flip this tube over, and the second step balm will keep your perfectly painted lips hydrated all day and a lovely shiny finish.

Problem: You’re Wasting All Types Of Products In Your Routine

Solution: Applying *Every* Drop Of Product With These Mini Spatulas

With this pack of mini spatulas, you can scoop and apply moisturizer, foundation, that leftover facial serum, and more. It comes with two slim spatulas, one with a 6-inch handle and one with a 12-inch handle, to get to the very bottom of various bottles. These flexible, soft tools also prevent you from using your fingers when applying makeup because you can simply scoop, apply to your skin, and blend with your favorite brush.

Problem: Your Skin Feels Dull

Solution: Applying A Vitamin C Serum For Seriously Bright & Radiant Skin

If you’re not looking for a bunch of new products but your skin is feeling a little dull, this brightening vitamin C serum is an easy add-on. This K-beauty product has grapefruit extract, vitamin C, and niacinamide to make your skin feel and look seriously radiant. You’ll also get the bonus of moisturizing vitamin E and panthenol to really revive your face.

Problem: You Dry Your Hair & Still Have To Style It

Solution: Drying & Styling Your Hair With This Cult Favorite 1-Step Tool

There’s always that moment after drying your hair when you realize you still have to style it. With this volumizing hair tool, you can skip that frustrating step. It’s complete with two styles of bristles on the round brush to meet all of your styling needs while simultaneously blow-drying your hair. You’ll also get 30% less frizz with the ceramic technology in this easy dryer, which is why this Amazon favorite product has over 227,000 five-star reviews.

Problem: Your Face Wash Is Way Too Drying

Solution: Using A Moisturizing Cleanser That’s Actually Budget-Friendly

This hydrating facial cleanser features ceramides in its formula just like the ones found in your skin, which help to lock in moisture and keep grime off your face, making it an incredibly efficient product. This creamy face wash is also complete with fan-favorite ingredient hyaluronic acid to help hydrate your skin. As a bonus, it’s free of parabens, soaps, and scents.

Problem: Your Daily Sunscreen Leaves White Streaks

Solution: Swapping Your Daily Sun Protection For This Sheer Sunscreen

You won’t have to worry about fixing white streaks before your makeup with this sheer sunscreen. The unique formula will still pack SPF 55 protection, but it’s also lightweight enough to avoid those white streaks. Whether or not you’re applying makeup after, this sun protection will add a nice matte finish to your look.

Problem: It Takes Forever To Search Through Your Makeup Bag

Solution: Replacing Your Makeup Bag With A Cosmetic Organizer

Replace that messy makeup bag with this cosmetic organizer, and it won’t take forever to find all of the products you need. This clear acrylic storage system hangs out on your bathroom counter and comes with drawers, compartments, and designated spots for every single product. This cleanable solution has so much room — you could even store some of your jewelry.

Problem: You Seriously Can’t Braid Your Own Hair

Solution: Quickly Braiding Your Hair With These Budget-Friendly Tools

If you love a good tight braid for the gym but seriously can’t braid your own hair, these hair tools are the way to go. All you’ll need to do is put your hair in an easy ponytail, choose from the two included sizes, and start looping your hair through this flexible braiding tool for a fancy ‘do.

Problem: Your Skin Is Feeling Dry & Sometimes Bumpy

Solution: Exfoliating With A Luxurious Scrubbing Mitt

This scrubbing mitt will exfoliate your skin and give you an excuse to create a more luxurious shower routine. The 100% chemical-free mitt exfoliates dry skin and any uncomfortable bumps — leaving you with soft, smooth skin all over. To start your new pampering routine — make sure you have some steam in your shower, add water to this mitt, and start scrubbing anywhere your skin wants a refresh.

Problem: Your Hair Is Looking Stressed & Feeling Dull

Solution: Popping Open These Little Keratin-Filled Hair Capsules

Dull and stressed hair happens occasionally, and these little hair oil capsules are an individually-wrapped solution. Whenever your hair starts feeling kind of sad, each serum pod is filled with keratin, silk protein, and vitamin B5 to strengthen, hydrate, and repair dry, frizzy locks. The result is what most people want: shiny, smooth, and soft hair.

Problem: Your Hands Are Dry & You Keep Washing Off Your Lotion

Solution: Wearing Collagen-Infused Gloves For Intense Moisture In 20 Minutes

It’s true — you can totally scroll and deeply moisturize your hands at the same time with these collagen-infused gloves. Just wear these touch-screen compatible gloves for 15 to 25 minutes, and this mask will work its magic with shea butter, vitamin E, and botanical extracts to give you super soft hands.

Problem: Your Nails Break, Chip & Peel

Solution: Brushing On A Budget-Friendly Hardening Nail Treatment

This nail strengthening treatment helps you avoid that seriously frustrating moment when your nail cracks and then starts to peel. It’s an extra-budget-friendly bottle full of a brush-on keratin formula, a true powerhouse ingredient. This keratin-packed treatment only needs three days of regular application to strengthen, harden, and help lengthen your nails.

Problem: You Have Frizzy Hair & Pillow Creases On Your Face Every Morning

Solution: Using A Silk Pillowcase That’s Gentle On Skin & Hair

These 100% mulberry silk pillowcases are complete with a zipper, so the pillowcase stays secure and completely smooth on your bed, adding a chic touch to your decor. Beyond looking good, these have a practical purpose: the soft material reduces hair frizz and split ends every night and is gentler on your skin, preventing awkward creases when you wake up and dry skin.

Problem: Your Skin Gets Oily But You Hate Blotting Papers

Solution: Getting Rid Of Unwanted Oily Spots With A Volcanic Stone Roller

Roll away any unwanted oily spots with or without makeup with this mattifying stone roller. The little reusable sphere is made of volcanic stone that absorbs all of the oil with a few swipes. It pops out for cleaning purposes but stays securely in place if you want to carry it with you, making this a more convenient option than blotting papers or powdery makeup.

Problem: Your Lips Are Dry

Solution: Using A Shea Butter Lip Balm That Hydrates & Gives A Gloss Vibe

With this Aquaphor lip balm, you won’t have to sacrifice your glossy lip look. The shea butter formula has helpful vitamins for dry skin you might recognize, like B5 as well as C and E. It’s also complete with a unique addition of chamomile essence to soothe your lips and that shiny finish for a gloss-like vibe.

Problem: Your Face Is Feeling Tense After A Long Day

Solution: Massaging With A Jade Roller Set Until That Post-Work Tension Fades

If your face feels tense and tired, start rolling away with this jade roller and gua sha set. The gentle massage from the gua sha and jade roller will help your tension fade away, increase your lymphatic drainage, and help to soothe irritated or puffy skin. Plus, you can cool off your skin for extra relaxation by keeping both of these tools in the fridge.

Problem: Your Retinol Is Too Harsh On Your Skin

Solution: Applying A Retinol That’s Suitable For Sensitive Skin

Dozens of reviewers say this is the retinol serum that will actually be nice to your sensitive skin. Unlike harsh options, this serum has soothing, moisturizing add-ins like hyaluronic acid, and it’s fragrance-free. Don’t worry — you’ll still get 0.3% pure retinol to get all of the brightening results you’re looking for. One reviewer raved, “This product works much better than any I’ve tried so far and far less expensive than most. I have sensitive skin that reacts to most perfumes and this doesn’t irritate my skin in that way. Been using for almost 3 weeks now and can see visible results already. Will definitely continue to use this!”

Problem: Your Blonde Or Gray Hair Is Slightly Brassy

Solution: Applying A Strengthening Purple Mask To Your Hair

Yes, this strengthening hair mask tones like purple shampoo, and yes, it can totally balance out brassiness in your hair. This purple treatment helps out with a little brassiness in four hair colors: including silver, gray, blonde, and platinum, of course. At the same time, it’s a vegan moisturizing mask with vitamin B5, soy protein, and even UV protection.

Problem: Your Bathroom Trash Can Is Overflowing With Cotton Rounds

Solution: Switching To Eco-Friendly, Washable & Reusable Cotton Rounds

If you let your bathroom trash can overflow with mascara-smeared cotton rounds, grab these reusable bamboo and cotton pads instead. The machine-washable pack comes with 20 makeup removing pads that will last you a while as well as a mesh bag so you can toss these in the washing machine. These absorbent, soft pads are a smart budget-friendly and eco-friendly swap in your beauty routine.

Problem: Your Skincare Products Get In Your Hair

Solution: Wearing An Adjustable Towel Headband To Protect Your Locks

Use these facial headbands to avoid getting your cleansing balm, moisturizer, or face wash in your hair. Because who wants to unexpectedly wash their hair at the end of the night? They’re made of soft terry cloth, so they’ll also keep your hair dry and frizz-free. This pack comes with three colorful headbands, and each one is adjustable to fit your scalp.

Problem: Blending Eye Shadow Isn’t Your Thing

Solution: Using A Creamy Eye Shadow That Requires Almost No Blending Effort

If perfectly blending your eye shadow isn’t your thing, this little container of creamy eye shadow is the only one you should have in your routine. It’s so blendable you can simply use your fingers to apply it, and there’s no need to reach for a blending brush. This quick-to-apply shadow comes in 13 colors, and it’s even waterproof.

Problem: You Want To Remove Facial Hair But Don’t Want To Nick Yourself

Solution: Gently Removing Hair You Don’t Want With This 18K Gold-Plated Tool

If removing small facial hairs is something you prefer, this painless hair removing tool is what you’re looking for. It’s compact and discreet, and you won’t even need to track down a bathroom outlet to use this battery-operated device, which gently removes hair. The hypoallergenic stainless steel construction is also complete with chic 18K gold plating.

Problem: Your Favorite Products Cause Buildup In Your Hair

Solution: Using A Shampoo Brush To Really Cleanse Your Locks & Scalp

Product buildup happens even with the best products, but this shampoo brush can handle it. The gentle food-grade silicone bristles remove dry skin, and they’ll help out with leftover shampoo, dry shampoo, and more. You can also remove the bristles for easy cleaning between showers.