10 Of The Best Shoes for Flat Feet Men: Here Keep You Comfortable and Aligned With 2022 Style

There’s no denying having flat feet sucks. The only thing that sucks more than having flat feet is shopping for flat feet. Take it from a guy with some of the flattest, widest feet around—it’s hard to find the best shoes.

If you’re still here, you too must have rage-inducingly flat feet. You might have found one or two pairs that work, and you’re scared to deviate, but that isn’t how those looking for the best shoes for flat feet men need to live. 

Who says we can’t have the same fulfilling shoe experiences as other guys? It might sound too good to be true, but we put together a guide that will give you the help you need. Don’t just settle for wearing one pair to death. Make sure you find the best types of shoes for every occasion. 

Trust me when I say that it can get better. Check out our guide, peruse some of the best shoes for flat feet men, and enjoy living life like one of the lucky, “normal” footed people. 


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Finding the best shoes for flat feet isn’t easy. Plenty of guys don’t really have flat feet. They developed collapsed arches from a lack of proper support. Basically, they’re artificially wide.

There are a lot of recommendations saying flat feet need highly supportive shoes, but that’s actually for collapsed arches. For best overall, we chose something that offers firm support, but not too much. That way, guys who never had arches don’t get screwed. 

The Brooks Beast is recommended by real podiatrists because of the beautiful middle-ground it hits. The Beast’s “guide rails” create foot-to-knee stability but don’t mash broad feet. They also come in wide sizes and avoid the dreaded hourglass figure that flat feet hate.

Shoe type: Walking | Sizes available: 8-16 Extra-Wide | Colors: Black/Gray, Blue/Gray, Black/Red

What we like

  • Perfect support for flat and broad feet
  • Versatile enough for social gatherings

When it comes to the best shoes for flat feet men, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 is one of the top performers. For years the GTS line has been recommended for flat feet thanks to its straight midsole that helps correct pronation (feet rolling inward on impact) but doesn’t go overboard with arch support. 

Brooks has totally nailed flat foot running shoes. Like their Beast 20 model, this makes it the perfect blend for guys with no arches and guys who need more arch support. Thanks to their elite cushioning system, this is the shoe to buy if your old running shoes are destroying your feet.

Shoe type: Running | Sizes available: 7 Narrow-15 Extra Wide | Colors: 13 Options

What we like

  • Flashy colors for a more outgoing summer
  • “GuideRail” support system
What we don’t like

  • Another slightly heavy entry

We swear Brooks doesn’t sponsor us (that would be awesome, though, Brooks). They’re just so damn good at making the best shoes for flat feet men. This pair takes some of the best parts of their running shoe lines, including their lauded “GuideRail” support system, and adds some walking shoe twists. 

Their unique BioMoGo DNA cushioning adapts to your feet on the go (no pun intended). Whether your arches are collapsed, weak, low, or non-existent, this will mold your needs. It’s a roomy fit, too, so there is plenty of room for sweaty feet to breathe. 

We wish there were more color options, but not many walkers are as comfy or foot-health conscious as these.

Ok, we swear that’s our last Brooks entry. 

Shoe type: Walking | Sizes available: 7-15 Wide | Colors: Navy, black

What we like

  • Plenty of toebox room
  • “BioMoGo DNA” is a comfort powerhouse

Dress shoes and comfort go together like peanut butter and American cheese. They just don’t mix; until you try Birchbury’s Breston shoes. They’re the comfiest dress shoes for flat feet men you will find. You wouldn’t know by looking at them, but they feel almost more like a sneaker than they do a dress shoe.

Brestons have the classic, patent leather look but don’t have the usual elfish toebox that can squeeze the life out of flat feet. A reinforced insole soothes broken arches, and this beauty was designed to be just as comfortable with reinforcements removed.  

Add a soft, flexible leather and a cushioned sole, and you have yourself a new work-time favorite and possibly your next best shoes for flat feet men.

Shoe type: Dress | Sizes available: 7-16 | Colors: Black, Brown

What we like

  • Classic style 
  • Cloud-like insole
What we don’t like

  • Toe box nearing grandfather status

Minimalist classics are hot this year, and these Adidas are about as classic and minimalist as it gets. The low arch support and lack of an hourglass shape make these great for men with truly flat feet. If you need intense arch support, these might be tough for extended periods, but it’s not like they’ll be your go-to running shoes (see above for those).

Grand Courts are timeless and harken back to when all sneakers were called tennis shoes. They’re perfect for everything from family gatherings to bar and club trips. They’d probably get a pass at a casual office gathering, but don’t quote us on that. And obviously, they’re great for tennis. 

With damn near four dozen color options, you’re bound to find one you love. 

Shoe type: Tennis Shoe | Sizes available: 4-14 | Colors: 44 Colors

What we like

  • Timeless, minimalist design
  • Under 70$

One of the best-kept secrets in the world of flat feet is skateboarding shoes. As a flat-footed teen, I learned that skater shoes were a godsend for flat, wide feet. Most skate shoes have all the cushioning to hold up crappy arches, but enough give to conform to my own plank-like flippers.

These days, the variety of skater shoes has exploded. Just the fact that New Balance makes them, your grandparents’ favorite sneaker brand, says enough. That’s right, one of the masters of flat-footed shoes makes skateboarding shoes. It’s time to celebrate.

The Numeric 22 has the insane, weightless comfort of the finest New Balances and the relaxed vibes of a lazy skatepark afternoon. This year, the chic, minimalist blue and white options are also bound to kill. You may have found your new daily drivers.  

Shoe type: Skate | Sizes available: 4-13 | Colors: Blue/Black, White/Tan

What we like

  • As comfy as your favorite slippers
  • That dreamy blue…
What we don’t like

  • “Skateboarding” label may frighten closed minds

Orthofeet is the #1 Dr. recommended orthotic footwear (according to their website) because they’re designed to help with basically any foot issues. This particular pair is perfect for guys who need grade A arch support with no exceptions.

The Lavas come with a removable insert that provides extra support for those haggard arches. They also have thick cushioning to alleviate any other pain straining your stride. It’s probably more like walking on clouds than lava (we assume).

Shoe type: Athletic | Sizes available: 7-14 Extra-Wide | Colors: Black, Gray

What we like

  • Podiatrist recommended
  • Removeable advanced arch support

They may not be well known, and they only offer two styles, but we’re getting behind Birchbury for flat and wide shoes. This year, they’re holding it down for their people by offering two of the best shoes for flat-foot men. 

Sure they sound like ivy league wannabes but don’t let that deter you. This shoe is as intelligent and handsome as you’ll find for wide, flat feet. They have a slightly roomier toe box than their more formal counterpart but the same luxury insert for excellent arch support. Prone soled fellas need only pop that insole out for sweet relief.

They’re the shoes grandpas wear when they don’t want to look like grandpas. They’re that comfy. Grandpa-chic is fading fast, so you might want to follow their lead.

Shoe type: Casual | Sizes available: 7-16 (only wide) | Colors: Brown, Black

What we like

  • Thicc and sexy
  • Uses the featherbed of insoles

You might have noticed by now, but minimalist fashion is coming in hot while dad and grandpa shoes are slowly ambling out of style (thank god). If you’re looking for classy vegan sneakers for your two planked feet, these are the ones. LØCI is a new company, but they look slick as hell, are 100% vegan, and work as the best shoes for flat feet men.

Their arch support is minimal, and they avoid the dreaded hourglass figure (think classic converse or vans), so guys with actual flat feet will love these. If you’re collapsed arches need serious support, you might want to grab some insoles.

LØCI has plenty of color and style options on the menu, but we chose these mid-tops to align with the throwback looks in fashion this summer. They’ll look extra fresh with whites and block colors. And probably anything else you find. 

Shoe type: Lifestyle | Sizes available: 3.5-12 | Colors: 11 Options

What we like

  • 100% vegan build
  • Minimalist & throwback mid-tops
What we don’t like

  • Not great for collapsed arches

Unless you’re new to the game, you probably know that Birkenstocks are among the most recommended sandals among the best shoes for flat feet men. That’s because their footbeds have top-of-the-line support but also mold to your natural shape. It’s been a running theme here but let’s reiterate; the best shoes for flat feet have good arch support and can adjust to low and non-existent arches.

The Birkenstock EVA series upgrades the beauty of their famous cork footbed into something that molds even better to your droopy arches; EVA (futuristic shoe rubber). The benefit of this 100% EVA design is that it’s easy to make them in loud summer colors. 

We chose the Arizonas for the old-school Birkenstock design, but if that’s not your thing, there are plenty of other models with the same construction. Did we mention they’re super cheap? 

Shoe type: Sandal | Sizes available: 3.5 Narrow-13.5 | Colors: 34 Options

What we like

  • Cruelty-free sandal
  • Molds quick to any foot
What we don’t like

  • Croc-like build is a possible turn off

What to look for When Looking for The Best Shoes for Flat Feet Men


The shoe makes the man, but the material makes a shoe. It’s essential to keep the material in mind when selecting the best shoes for flat feet men. Sometimes it’s hard to avoid, but you want to be careful getting something too heavy for the summer. Thicker materials could turn your foot into a furnace or just be plain uncomfortable. 

Lucky for you, all of the shoes in this guide are perfect for their niche. Take our advice, and your footwear will never feel out of place. 

Man sitting on the stairs, wearing a white jacket and pants, looking at phone

Arch Support 

Arch support is critical when shopping for the best shoes for flat feet men. When feet are flat, their arches are either collapsed or low/non-existent. The best shoes for men with flat feet either have insoles that mold to your foot, or they’re made to be perfect with or without their reinforced insoles.

The great thing about this guide is that most of our picks are perfect, whether your arches are collapsed or slim to none. They’re either cushy without insoles, or their insoles mold to any foot shape.


Hopefully, this goes without saying, but the shoe you buy always depends on why you need it. You don’t want to be the guy who shows up to the swanky business meeting in Adidas Grand Courts. It’s just not a good look.

What will look awesome is those same Grand Courts with a pair of 5 inch or 7 inch inseam shorts and a baggy block color t-shirt. Putting yourself out there is what 2022 is about, so don’t be afraid to choose bold colors and fun, patterned button-downs. 

Don’t make silly fashion (and comfort) mistakes like buying a pair of oxfords for your new jogging routine. Just stick to the guide above to make it easy on yourself.


    • Well, the short answer is all the shoes in this guide. Any of these winners excel in their bracket and keep unfortunate feet happy.

      If we’re being thorough, the best shoes for your flat feet depend on what type of flat they are. Plenty of guys who think they have flat feet actually suffer from collapsed arches. This is thanks to a lack of support over the years (arch support, not emotional). You might have thought those Chuck Taylors were the coolest, but they taught your feet to sag like a sad puppy.

      Don’t waste one more minute trying on shoes after shoe. We made a comprehensive guide to the best shoes for flat feet men, so check out the info above to help find your perfect pair.

      • If you read through our guide, you probably noticed that we love what Brooks has to offer for flat feet men. Well, it turns out podiatrists agree. As a whole, they were the most frequently recommended brand we could find. An APMA seal of approval is even in their arsenal. 

        That alone tells you all you need to know. If you haven’t already, check out the three best models from Brooks in the guide above.

        • The best running shoes for flat feet are Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22. Their GuideRail support system manages to keep your weak arches in shape in a way that doesn’t cramp guys with low/no arches. Couple that with industry-leading cushioning plus wide/x-wide sizes, and you’ve got yourself a keeper. 

          The Brooks Beast 15 model might be more versatile, but the Adrenaline GTS 22 is the best running shoe for flat feet. No doubt about it.